Geico Vs. Nationwide Car Insurance

Geico Vs. Nationwide Car Insurance

Geico and Nationwide are two companies that provide exceptional car insurance services, and when choosing between these two auto insurance providers, there are many things to consider in order to ensure that a person chooses the car insurance provider that is the best for them.The PriceBoth Geico and Nationwide work diligently to lower their prices, and both of these companies have significantly lowered their prices in recent years.

The monthly cost of an auto insurance policy can vary widely depending on a number of factors, and a person that chooses a policy that provides full coverage insurance will likely pay more than a person that chooses a policy which only provides minimum insurance coverage. Geico usually provides slightly lower insurance rates and prices than Nationwide for the same types of auto insurance policies that offer the same types of coverage.

Customer Service

Both Geico and Nationwide provide outstanding customer service, and these companies have customer service representatives that are ready to help their customers and answer any questions that their customers may have 24/7.

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Geico Vs. Nationwide Car Insurance 

While the level of customer service that both companies provide is excellent overall, Nationwide may provide slightly better customer service. The customer service representatives at Nationwide are always ready to help their customers in every way that they can, and they are always eager to ensure that their customers are more than happy with the level of customer service that they receive.

In addition, both Geico and Nationwide have many outstanding reviews from customers online, and these outstanding reviews highlight the exceptional level of customer service that both companies usually offer.

Various Options

Both Geico and Nationwide offer many different options and features when a person signs up for a new car insurance policy, and a person can choose a policy that offers exceptional coverage and low deductibles. In addition, both companies provide policies that offer relatively low coverage; however, a person that chooses an auto insurance policy that provides low coverage will still be covered in the case of an accident.

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Both companies provide a wide range of deductibles for their customers when they sign up for comprehensive insurance and collision insurance, and when obtaining an auto insurance policy with either company, lower deductibles will offer increased financial protection in case something happens to a vehicle.

Submitting A Claim

Both auto insurance companies make submitting a claim very easy. In order to submit a claim, a person can call the hotline that one of the companies provides, and once they have called the hotline, they will be asked to give all of the details of their auto insurance claim.

Usually, both companies will follow up with the customer that submitted a claim in order to further process a claim. While the process of submitting an auto insurance claim may be slightly faster with Geico, Nationwide offers more complete services for a customer that submits a claim.

Perks And Extra Features

Both Geico and Nationwide provide a wide variety of extra perks and extra features for their customers. Nationwide offers 24/7 roadside assistance for its customers, and Geico offers an emergency road service, or “ERS,” program that allows its customers to get emergency roadside service in any situation.

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In addition, Geico offers an easy to use member’s area on their website and a mobile app in order to allow customers to quickly customize their insurance policy, make a claim, view their insurance information and much more.

Discounts And Deals

Both Nationwide and Geico offer many different discounts and deals for their customers, and these discounts and deals are designed to save new customers and existing customers a significant amount of money. Nationwide and Geico both offer discounts for being a safe driver, for driving a certain type of vehicle, for being a customer for a certain period of time, for having many people on one auto insurance policy and much more.