Geico vs. AAA Car Insurance

Road accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Damage to the car can lead to damage which will cost thousands of dollars in repair costs. Also, sometimes the damage cannot be repaired using cash. This is of course when accidents led to harmful injuries and in worst cases, death.

GEICO and AAA are two companies which provide auto insurance to Americans. According to GEICO, Auto Insurance acts like a ‘firewall’. GEICO covers the person’s financial damage on many fronts. This includes covering any bodily harm caused by the driver to other people including death. They cover costs if the driver damages another person’s property accidentally.

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Even if nobody is at fault, GEICO covers the medical costs of the driver and any other person injured accidentally. Even such aspects as damage caused to a car by fire, theft, vandalism and flood are covered under this insurance company. GEICO also helps to ensure that costs are covered in the event of collisions or if the car is hit by another object.

AAA also covers each of these aspects in their insurance policies. Both auto insurance policies have a lot more to offer too. GEICO offers a policy called ERS (Emergency Road Service). ERS covers such things as a sudden flat tire perhaps because of driving over a pothole, being locked out of the car because of lost or stolen keys and the inability to jumpstart a dead battery.

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Geico vs. AAA Car Insurance 

Emergency towing services are available too in the case that the problem is too big to handle on the road. The towing service will carry the car to a nearby garage where the problem can be mended. Also, if the car is being repaired, then GEICO provides the insured member car service for as long as required. AAA offers each of these services and more! AAA provides the customer with additional fuel in the event that the fuel runs out suddenly. AAA provides international driving permits too.

GEICO does offer one more additional service for cars which are less than 15 months old and which have been driven less than 15000 miles. This is called the MBI (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance). While regular insurance covers damage to only certain parts of the car, MBI covers damage to each and every part of the car.

GEICO can be contacted during any time in the day. When a son or daughter is ready to leave the parents’ GEICO insurance in favor of one of their own, then GEICO can offer them an insurance policy which could see their rates remain unchanged. GEICO offers reductions for almost everybody, including students, military folk, federal employees and drivers of age 50 or older.

GEICO and AAA have similar auto insurance policies. However, which one is the better of the two? GEICO is perhaps the more suitable of the two considering their excellent customer services. For those who prefer more services in their insurance package over excellent 24 hour customer service, AAA is perhaps the right choice.

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